Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sun, skin and sex murderers


Let's deal with that last one first.

I was the first knitter on the scene at the Vancouver World Wide Knit in Public Day event held at Kits Beach yesterday. I was a bit surprised about this; I usually aim to be "fashionably late" to these sorts of things.

I decided I couldn't be first, so I approached two women and asked them if they were knitters. They looked at me in a way that I later described to the WWKIPD revellers -- much to their amusement -- as if they thought I was a "sex murderer". I bid a hasty retreat.

Fortunately, within a few minutes I was joined by another Raveler, Barth. Then came Siobhan, then Rachel, then Chrissy...and before long, we had a nice little knitting circle going:

Thanks, Plae, for the photo!

The circle was a fluid one; as some knitters & crocheters left, new ones arrived. Many were people I already knew -- either on Ravelry or in "real" life -- and many I met for the first time. We had a lot of fun in the glorious sunshine.

Right, we've covered the sex murderers and the sun. Now, onto the skin. Obviously, one expects a lot of skin on display at the beach.

WWKIPD wasn't the only international event on yesterday. It was also World Naked Bike Ride Day. And the Vancouver contingent cycled right by us.


The Naked Bike Ride is designed to highlight the consequences of our car culture's dependence on oil, as well as the dangers faced by cyclists on our roads, as this cyclist's body paint highlights:


Best line from the cyclists: "We're naked and the world's still o.k.!" Amen.

From my vantage point, the cyclists looked to be well-protected by sunscreen. Piggy can't say the same: in addition to several inches of progress on my Weasley Jumper, I came away from my day at the beach with a sunburn -- complete with a blistered left earlobe. So I spent the evening administering first aid to myself with a traditional home remedy.


Probably a good thing that this Piggy is single. The vinegar did help make my face a little less Piggy pink, but it's not the most fragrant bath I've had.

That'll teach me.


  1. I just can't imagine riding a bicycle while naked is very comfortable.

  2. i really have to agree with ida. that does -not- look comfy! :-o

  3. You guys were all out getting burned too! Is that so I don't feel like the only silly one? Or is it because you were all having so much fun that you forgot to re-apply the sunscreen? Hope nobody mistakes you for a pickle! Feel better soon, hon'.