Sunday, June 21, 2009

Piggy's wee splurge

If you follow Piggy on either Twitter or Plurk, you likely know about the $41 I discovered -- well, re-discovered after I'd forgotten about it, to be accurate -- in my PayPal account yesterday.

Despite being broke, I immediately resolved to spend the "found money" on a few Twist Collective patterns. Crazy Piggy!

But then the voice of Piggy's sensible side spoke up: I really should just transfer the funds back into my bank account, and use for more important things, such as food.

So I put it to my tweeps and plurkpals. Most of them took Sensible Piggy's side of the argument. So of course I decided to postpone any decision until I could discuss the issue with my yarnies at the regular Sunday meetup of the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers.

I'm not sure, but I think the turnout might have been something of a record:

Wranglers Record?

Thirteen of us took over the coffee shop. It was also memorable because money was flung at Piggy. Ok, not flung, exactly; Lauren and Jen both paid me for the stash yarn I'd sold to them two weeks ago. I'd completely forgotten about it: more "found money". And then crazy, irresponsible Piggy made a decision to spend some of it. And I knew exactly where I wanted to spend it.

After a couple of hours of knitting, nattering and noshing, we made our traditional pilgrimage to Three Bags Full. Where, we all knew, a great big shipment of longed-for yarn had arrived: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock. Into which we flung ourselves with abandon.

Diving In

I'll admit, I did have second thoughts. And third, fourth and fifth ones, too. There were just too many pretties available to make the choice easy, you see. Because even Crazy Piggy has a teeny bit of sense about her: I was determined to allow myself but a single skein. Unlike some people I won't name, as it wouldn't be seemly*.

The haul!

I did, in fact, manage to stick to just the one, after debating at length between several beauties. I might have been there for hours, had beentsy not told me that one of the favourites was a colourway going on an indefinite "hiatus":

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts. Nom, nom, nom! It was a popular choice, as you can see from the previous photo: no fewer than four of us picked up a skein of it.

So...Piggy was a bit naughty today, it's true. But not unforgivably so, surely?

*Those would be MrsQuimby, beentsy, Plae, moon-brain, Damselfly and Alyria.


  1. Oh my, but you were bad, weren't you! Don't you know that the best way to avoid temptation is to avoid going to places where you'll be tempted?!

    Ahhh, but the yarn issssss lovely!

  2. Thanks for the lovely photographic record of our yarny excesses! Hope I may "borrow" them for my collection? Of course I was camera-less, silly me.

  3. OMG *drooool*
    Gawd I hate missing the Sunday meetups... but I just can't seem to get my ass out there for weekend meetups.