Saturday, June 27, 2009

Piggy's sick...

...and she's taking it like a man. Which is to say, I'm lying prostrate -- alternating between my bed and the couch 10 feet away -- whimpering and wallowing in my misery in between sips of Neo-Citran.

To no effect, really, as I am alone chez Piggy, and no one I've contacted via phone, email or Twitter has taken the hint and brought me ice cream. (Yes, I'm still eating ice cream. I know. I'm awful.)

Summer colds are the worst. Any home remedies you'd care to share, piggies? Beentsy suggested garlic and ginger; The only ginger I've got is candied, but I figure it's worth a shot. I'm more than willing to mix medicines, however, so please do send me your suggestions.


  1. Awww, I'm sorry you feel so bad. Try some tea and honey. Not as good as ice cream, but it will do I guess. Although......... Hagandaaz (sp?) makes a really good honey ice cream. You know what, forget hints. I think you should just put your foot down and insist that someone get you ice cream now! I would, of course, but alas, I'm in another time zone. And, I'd probably eat it all before I got there! It's really good :) Sleep, drink fluids, and feel better soon. Carolyn

  2. Here are my theories to combat a cold:

    Consumption of ALL DAIRY ... yes, that includes the ice cream and the cream/milk in your hot beverage ... must stop. It only adds to the mucus buildup which makes you feel more stuffy ... etc.

    Make a soup broth out of ginger, garlic, & green onions - add salt to taste ... drink hot as often around your meals as possible.

    Loads of water. Loads of sleep (minimizes the groaning-feeling-grumpy etc).

    Feel better!!!