Thursday, June 18, 2009

On your marks...

Not much to report here. My knitting mojo did a post-WWKIPD runner on Saturday night, and aside from a token appearance on Tuesday, it hasn't been seen since.

So I had decided to take a wee break from posting. But then I read today's installment of the Yarn Harlot's blog. In which she noted that Christmas 2009 is 191 days away.

I guarantee you, thousands of knitters from across the globe felt a little thud in their hearts and/or guts as they read those words. Because now, it's official.

And it's actually officially worse than that: Christmas Day is, in fact, 189 days away.

That's right, piggies. Christmas (and Hanukkah, St. Nicholas' Day, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, and, I'm sure, several celebrations I'm forgetting/of which I'm unaware -- let me know what I'm missing!) is coming.

And despite telling myself every year in the weeks leading up to December 25th (and in the wee hours of Christmas morning, Boxing Day, the 28th, New Year's Eve...) that I'll never be stupid enough to knit Christmas presents again, I know I'll end up doing some gift knitting this holiday season.

So I figure it's time to drag out the old Christmas Countdown widget.

(For some reason, it's an hour off the intended deadline of 12:00 a.m. Christmas Day...bonus finishing time!)

How about you? Will you be knitting for the holidays? Or are you determined not to? Any horror stories (or helpful tips?) you'd care to share with Piggy?


  1. It's an hour off because of daylight savings time :-D

  2. Although this is my first year knitting, I went through the same thing with my sewing. "Ohhh I'll make these cute stockings and fill them with reusable grocery and produce bags for everyone for the season." It was horrible. I'm sure you can already envision the disaster that ensued. I hate to say it, I am expecting a similar fate this year...only this time I suspect it will revolve around scarves and other such knitted goodies.

  3. Having read all the horror stories of Xmas deadline knitting, I am wise enough to steer clear. I dislike the whole gift giving surrounding Xmas, we told everyone not to bother last year and we still needed an extra suitcase to get us home :-( (we pack very light and tight). All I want is a good family gathering with a nice meal in our traditional family way.