Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's time to knuckle down

Well, yesterday was a write-off, knitting-wise. To say nothing of getting-up-and-dressed-wise or leaving-the-house-wise.

Despite feeling a little better (despite a complete lack of ice cream, sniff), today isn't looking much better on the latter two fronts. However, I will be knitting: I am determined to finish the back of the Weasley Jumper. I mean it: come back tomorrow to see the photos.


In other fibre-y news, I registered for the Ravelry Malabrigo Swap this morning. It's just too good a swap to miss. If you're a veteran of this swap, but haven't registered for Round 7, it's time to get on it! And if you're a newbie who loves the Mmmmmal and likes to be super-involved in a swap, this is the group for you. Join the group, check out the details, and try to nab one of the spots once newbie registration opens. Maybe you'll get a package from Piggy in August!

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