Sunday, June 7, 2009

In which Piggy hopes to Wrangle some $

Big things happening chez Piggy. Well, lots of little things. Very many very little things. But I'll save that for Monday. It's a bit of an epic; so really, you'll want to be at work. Let's keep things brief on the weekend, when you’ve got better things to do, eh?

This morning, I'm going through my stash, picking out stuff I'm willing to part with. A bunch of the Wranglers are meeting up at damselfly's place for a special deck party version of our regular Sunday meetup. In addition to a yummy feast (Piggy's bringing a mango-berry crisp), we're having a yarn swap/sale.

Now, since the last Vancouver LSG meetup, which included a zero-charge, no-conditions yarn free-for-all (yarn all thrown on the table; cue the melee), I pretty much love everything in my stash. I'd like to keep it all. But I am willing to admit that notwithstanding this past week's Finished Object Frenzy, I have more yarn than I currently need.

Plus, I need the cash. Like, seriously. Piggy is skint. (Please, somebody -- give me a job. Or an octogenarian billionaire with a dodgy ticker, no dependents and a desire to marry a yarnpiggy.) With luck, I'll manage to convince a Wrangler or two to part with some cash for some of my treasures.

This, of course, depends on Piggy not becoming overtaken with lust for my fellow yarnies' offerings.

Update tonight...wish me luck!

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