Monday, June 15, 2009

Good things come in small packages

I didn't manage to get any knitting done at all yesterday; I'm still a little bit dopey after all the roasting I did on Saturday. My ear is actually quite sore. (Can I have a little cheese with my whine?)

Anyhoo. I did manage to make it to 7-11 for a wee Slurpee and to pick up a teeny white box:


Which held but four -- yes, just four -- skeins.


Easily my smallest Elann order yet. These are to go with the bags of Sonata Print that recently joined my stash.


I'm planning something for my nieces...if my sister ever gets me their measurements!

A Wee Bit of Progress

The back of the Weasley Jumper is somewhat larger than the last time I showed you:


But I really should get a move on if I want to earn those 40 points for having 25% done by June 30...


  1. Oh my goodness! You do buy quite a bit of yarn, don't you?! Wow! Gorgeous stuff!

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