Monday, June 29, 2009

Drum roll, please...

Yesterday I promised to complete the back of the Weasley Jumper. And to provide pictures of said feat in today's post. Well, for any of you silly enough to have been holding their breath, Piggy's managed to come through this time.

I give you 30% or so of Piggy's first sweater:


I know; it's a big rectangle. Kind of deflating, no? My apologies.

You'll notice -- astute piggies that I know you are -- that the back is being blocked. (And that Piggy is in rather desperate need of either blocking wires, or a much better sense of what does and does not constitute a straight line.)

I hadn't planned on blocking it -- at least, not at this point -- but after casting off at the shoulders and putting the collar stitches on some scrap yarn I finally measured the width of the piece. Which was off by a fair amount. I'm not going to say just how far off...because I'm still not entirely sure what the heck I'm doing.

As you might remember, I actually did swatch for this project. And, unsurprisingly, I didn't get gauge; after all, the yarn I'm using is a worsted designed to get 19-20 stitches over four inches, rather than the 16 the pattern calls for.

So I went down one size in the pattern. But even with fairly heavy blocking (width-wise), I'm only just reaching the smaller size. I've obviously done something wrong. Ugh.

I'm going to press on, though; I'm under a tight deadline (the whole thing needs to be finished by July 31), and fortunately the pattern is designed with plenty of ease.


  1. I've never knit a sweater, so I'm watching your progress with great interest. Your woes are causing great angst in my heart. I think I'll hold off starting my first sweater project!!

    I think that what you are learning, though, is priceless.

  2. I think I've found your error - when you get gauge that's tighter than called for, you need to go UP a size (or two). Because when the pattern is knitting 4", you'll only get about 3 1/4".

    Hope that helps, but even if it comes out too small, like auburnchick said - you've gotten invaluable amounts of learning out of the process! Plus all that yarn fondling. ;o)

  3. See, I thought I should be going up a size, too...but someone (can't remember who, now...lucky for them, LOL!) said down...

    Oh well...

  4. Suggestion - knit panels that are the width you're missing. Add them to the seams down the side. What kind of sleeves does the jumper have? Are the fitted sleeves with proper caps or drop sleeves? (Hopes for drop sleeves because it will make this endeavour much, much easier)

  5. What a great idea for blocking - the rubber tiles!