Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spot the difference

Before the sale...


and after:


Not too much different, really. Can you spot the new yarn? Here it is all on its own:


Five skeins of Garnstudio Eskimo. Yep, that's it; that is Piggy's entire purchase from the "ginormous sale" this morning. All $20 worth of it.

Don't get me wrong; I had a great morning, with my yarnies whengaiasmiles and Infinity0 (Rav link). But the sale itself...well, it was underwhelming, to say the least.

Turns out the woman who owns the online store let earlybirds drop by her house (where the sale was) to make their purchases before the sale day itself. I suspect most of the really good stuff) was long gone when we got there. At least we got to shop in peace -- elbows were definitely not required.

Anyhoo...for the first time ever, Piggy left a yarn sale having spent less than her companions. Woot!

Even better: I've actually got firm plans for the yarn! More on that in the next post.

Nature abhors a vacuum

So...after the small purchase at the sale, there was a bit of cash burning a hole in Piggy's pocket. So after dropping whengaiasmiles off at home (she was going straight back to bed) Infinity0 and I went to Dressew, where she bought buttons for her sweater WIP, and I bought a pair of 99-cent circular needles. grand total thus far: $21 and change. Pretty good, eh?

You can guess what happened next...

Piggy went to Button Button. (Infinity0 wisely chose not to join.) Where I spent almost twice as much on buttons. In my defence, some are for my Malabrigo swap partner. But these babies are mine:


You'll just have to trust me that they are all more beautiful than this picture represents; the light was pretty crap chez Piggy this afternoon. The one on the left is made from different types of stone, while the others are made of vegetable "ivory" -- tagua nut from the corozo palm tree.

But wait--there's more!

The spending spree continued when I got home from Button Button...I just placed an order for a rather large quantity of tweedy yarn. But I had to do it: it's for homework. Piggy's making her first sweater -- a Weasley Jumper for either a Muggle Studies or History of Magic O.W.L. in this term's House Cup on Ravelry.

Probably a good thing the sale wasn't the big event I had anticipated. :-)


  1. How very restrained of you! (I guess?) Those buttons are truly lovely. I haven't gone into Button Button yet, I'm too afraid. Though I 'spect my own OWL project will require a trip before it's done...Woot!

  2. hey! did you see any mother of pearl babies? I like mine but I'm still thinking they look small...but they are okay...

  3. That yarn is so pretty and I love the buttons!