Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something else entirely

I just couldn't look at the scarf last night, so I started something far more fun: my math homework.

And that is the first and most likely the last time you'll see "fun" and "math" in a single Piggy sentence.

Actually, it's my Arithmancy homework for the House Cup, and there is absolutely no math required on my part. Except, perhaps, to calculate how much of the thing I have completed, to update the progress bar.


This is about -- I dunno, 35%? -- of the knitting required for the Fibonacci Felted Bag (non-Ravellers, go here) by Brynne Sutton. The yarn is Garnstudio Drops Eskimo, on a 60 cm/24 in, 6 mm/US 10 Hiya Hiya circular.

It's a little smaller than I expected (and before you say anything: I "got gauge"!), but otherwise, I am enjoying this period of K1P1 remission.


  1. I agree with knittingdaisies, the color is amazing! What yarn is that??