Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pleasant interlude over

I can't avoid it any longer. I'll have to go back to the scarf.

This morning I finished the knitting and felting of the Fibonacci bag. Here it is before its bath in the washing machine:


I should have included the tape measure in there. I did take some measurements of the bag, but I didn't write them down, and I'm not sure I recall them accurately. My best recollection: 11.5 inches across at the top edge, and about 9 inches high. I do know the handles were a little longer than 29 inches.

Into the machine it went, alongside a few towels. One full wash cycle in hot water and a minute or three in a cold rinse resulted in this:


Nicely felted. Measurements: 9 inches across the top edge, 5.5 inches top to base and 22-inch handles.

Now it's all over but the drying and insertion of handles.


And I'm looking at another bout of K1P1 flu.


  1. I liked it both felted and pre-felted. Very nice bag!

  2. Yes, I liked the bag both ways, too. Great job!

  3. Ahhh...what a lovely bag! You did a great job selecting the colors!!!

  4. Great bag! I'm sure the scarf will be done before you know it.

  5. That's coming to live with me, right? :)