Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Piggy's been promoted

Unfortunately, neither a big, fat raise nor a company car is involved. But on the plus side, I do get a spiffy new title.

I am now -- wait for it -- a Professional Frogger.

That's right, I've made it to the show. No more semi-pro frogging for me. From now on, I'll be frogging with the greats.

It's long overdue, really; I've been toiling away in obscurity for months now, quietly (ok, maybe not so quietly) honing my skills while patiently (fine...not so patiently) awaiting the call to the big leagues.

I mean, just about any rookie can frog a project once or twice before deciding instead to just tink back to a slipped stitch or an error in a lace pattern and fix the problem. It takes mad skills and serious dedication to frog six inches of scarf because one stitch "looks a bit weird".

And make no mistake, Piggy is both that gifted and that devoted to the art of frogging.

No pictures, please. And do try not to fall all over yourselves in the autograph queue. I know it can be overwhelming to be in the presence of greatness, but it's just not becoming, my little piggies.


1 comment:

  1. I can definitely understand frogging! I once frogged and entire sock! Of course, it helped that I had knitted 3 of them.