Friday, May 1, 2009

Mission: Impossible

Happy Friday -- and Happy May Day to those of you in Europe. :-)

Piggy is looking forward to the weekend -- despite the weather forecast, which suggests the glorious weather Vancouver's enjoyed this week is will replaced with rain, starting tomorrow afternoon.

Of more concern, however: Piggy's going to a yarn sale tomorrow morning. I really shouldn't, of course, for a multidude of reasons, prime among them the fact I'll be unemployed in two weeks. Followed closely by the recent failure of my system of stash containment. Yarn is literally spilling across the border between its allocated yarniverse and Piggy's tiny-to-begin-with living space.

But unless the intel. we've received is bogus, this is going to be a doozy of a sale. Patterns for 50¢, pattern books for $5, and 50g balls of yarn -- all sorts of brands -- for $4.

Methinks it will be a zoo. Elbows may need to be employed.

Piggy's mission: to not buy anything without a serious plan for it. Rather vague, eh? I'm setting myself up for failure, I know. I do have one thing in my favour, though: it's a cash-only sale. So in theory, I can limit the damage pretty easily by bringing a relatively small amount of cash. In theory.

On a somewhat positive note: my stash is a wee bit smaller today than it was yesterday. At last night's knit night I managed to de-stash six of the 24 balls of Cable Due I rashly bought on Elann in March. Thanks, MsTing! (Rav link)

Bag Lady

Thanks to mizafron, rosiegirl and Carmen for the knitting bag suggestions. I have looked at both Jordana Paige and Namaste bags before, and find them appealing, but perhaps a tad formal for Piggy's current style, which is one step above '90s grunge. On a good day.

I think I might have found a winner (thanks to the Harlot's blog)...the Swift Knitting Bag by Tom Bihn. The olive/plum version really floats Piggy's boat.

Anyone out there have one?

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