Thursday, May 28, 2009

Intervention FAIL

So, early (very early!) on Monday morning, I posted a heartfelt plea for help. An intervention, in fact. I believe my exact words were:

I'm crying out for help, here, piggies! Any suggestions?

I was confident you would come rushing to my aid. While I waited for your sage advice to start pouring in, I managed to summon up the willpower to avoid the Monday sale on Elann. Fortunately, it was for Regia sock yarn, which, while perfectly lovely (particularly in the Raspberry), doesn't exactly make Piggy swoon.

By the early afternoon, the comments started to come in.

Well. I am sorry to sound harsh, but as far as interventionists go, you guys are full of FAIL. (Jen, where were you when I needed you, eh?)

In the face of your tacit approval -- and even, in some cases, full-on attempts to sabotage my efforts (I'm thinking of a certain Yarn Sprout, here) -- I managed to hold my ground in the face of Elann's Tuesday sale (the Plymouth Shire Silk wasn't terribly tempting: very wan colours), and yesterday (no Elann sale, plus I didn't venture outside all day).

But really, without any support, I could only go so long without faltering.

Early this afternoon, after my doctor's appointment and a wee bit of KIPping in the sunshine at Lonsdale Quay, I ventured into the Village for a sandwich. Followed by a quick trip into Urban Yarns to see if that hot pink Cathay was still there.

It wasn't. Whew, right?

Nope. Because this addict overheard another enabler shopper ask the shop assistant to please check if the Point Grey location had any Rowan Felted Tweed. My sick and twisted brain immediately clicked into overdrive, and blurted out, "Um, while you're making the call, could you see if they have any of that purple Rowan Summer Tweed? I think it's number 39."

(It was 539; or "Vanity". Heh. Piggy can't seem to remember she's currently unemployed, but boy, can she remember colourway codes to yarn she doesn't need...especially when she's just picked up 20 balls of Tweedy Silk...)

Here's what it looks like:

Rowan, please don't sue me

They're sending six skeins of it over to North Van for me.

Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

(I love you, really.)


  1. Ohhhh...Nice! Sorry to be so full of fail. LOL!

  2. any time, yarnpiggy. any time! LOL

  3. Oh Piggy we have failed you! In my sorrow I have bought a new sock book and 4 skeins of bamboo to make a shawl... Perhaps if we join together we could be stronger? Like having a sponsor in AA. We could be YPA (Yarn People Anonymous). What do you say?

  4. Oi . You didn't say that there was a future sale you were hoping to avoid.

    You'd already bought the Calmer and the Tweedy Silk; what more was I supposed to say?

    You might inventory. But I am an excel geek, so that was just addiction-substitution.

  5. I am obviously WAAYYY behind on reading your blogs, so I apologize for not helping with your intervention, esp. since my intervention on myself is working nicely.

    If you seriously need help, be warned that I'm harsh ... brutal ... etc. :)

    *insert nice voice*: Maybe we need to find another outlet for your energy. How about turning the lovely stash into finished objects?