Monday, May 25, 2009

I realize this isn't standard procedure...

...but Piggy is requesting an intervention.

I think it's rather obvious that I have a rather serious problem with stash acquisition. I am far, far too good at it for my own good. Just take a look at the weekend's additions to the stash...

First up: two skeins of Rowan Calmer.


I picked these up early Saturday afternoon at Urban Yarns Edgemont. I was there to drop off some brochures for the Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival. That was all I was there for. But I didn't feel I should just dump brochures and run out of there without buying anything. And the Calmer was 40% off...

From Urban Yarns, I went to the 7-Eleven that houses my PO Box. I was expecting a lovely card announcing the arrival of an even lovelier white box from, and I wasn't disappointed.


Two bags' worth of gorgeous purple non-disappointment, in fact.

I have absolutely no plans for any of this yarn.

Anyhoo...that was Saturday. There are, however, two days in a weekend. And Piggy doesn't rest on Sundays.

So yesterday morning I drove out to the Coquitlam Farmers' Market, where I picked up this lovely little number...


That's a skein of wonderfully soft Merlot Fingering (100% merino) from Unwind Yarns. This colourway is "Midnite Raspberry", and it really is absolutely scrumptious. (Check out the Unwind Yarns Ravelry group.)

The main reason for the trip to the market, however, was a transaction with Shannon's pal Caliope, who totally made my day a couple of weeks ago when she left a note for me in the Ravelry Elann group.

Caliope knew I was desperate for some Tweedy Silk, but missed the feeding frenzy of the closeout sale. And she, lucky thing, managed to checkout with not only the two "insurance" bags of Jasper (the colourway with the most available stock), but also three of her preferred shades. Five bags were two too many, it seems, so she offered to sell me the two bags of Jasper.


And I happily accepted.

I actually have a plan for some of this yarn: I'm going to make a Liesl. You know...eventually.

So. No more yarn shopping for Piggy. But I've said this before. And the situation seems to be getting worse, despite my rather feeble attempts to abstain.

I'm crying out for help, here, piggies! Any suggestions?


  1. Suggestions? Sure...go with it! Why fight nature?

  2. Umm...give me that Midnite Raspberry as penance?

  3. Can't intervene, I'm an enabler.
    Although if any of it weighing too heavy on you, I'd very helpfully take some of it off of your hands.

  4. Keep doing what you're doing! It seems to be working for you! Oh, and you might want to get a bigger apartment...just sayin.

  5. You're asking another addict...

  6. "Hi,my name is Piggy, and I'm a yarn addict." :)

  7. Sweetie, back away from the yarn stores! Oh nevermind, it just sounds ridiculous when I say it. ;) Love the Tweedy, very pretty.