Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have a little list...

I have a little list...

So, a little while back my friend Plae posted the start of a "30 by 30" list: thirty goals she wanted to accomplish before she turns 30. And I, in a comment -- not only instructed her to ditch #4 ("get a passport") because it was, in my view, not really an appropriate entry for the list* -- but also promised to come up with my own list.

So, late as always (Plae's list has now expanded from less than 10, if I recall correctly, to 29), I give you...

Piggy's 40 by 40

  1. Get out of debt.
  2. Knit a lace shawl.
  3. Learn to speak French well enough to have a "real" conversation.
  4. Visit at least one of the following: Machu Picchu, Timbuktu, Angkor Wat, Petra, the Colosseum/Coliseum (Rome), Uluru.
  5. Run a marathon (ok, half-marathon). Ideally, this one.
  6. Let down my walls and trust one person completely.
  7. Finish my degree.
  8. Learn how to spin.
  9. Jump from an airplane. (A flying one. While wearing a parachute.)
  10. Get my motorcycle licence.
  11. Knit a Fair Isle sweater. In pieces. And seam it up.
  12. Get a tattoo.
  13. Design something knitted, and make the pattern available to other knitters.
  14. Actually have savings in my savings account.
Ok, so I'm a fair ways short of 40. But let's face it: given my track record of gettting things done on time, as well as the fact I'll be turning 28 for the tenth time this summer (that's 37 to you!), I figure if I get a quarter of these done before the big 4-0, I'll be doing well.

(But feel free to suggest additions -- or subtractions! -- to the list.)

What's on your list?

*In my defence, Plae did solicit readers' opinions. Mine, which was not universally appreciated, is that assuming one is a citizen and fortunate enough to have the necessary funds on hand, obtaining a passport is a fairly simple, if a tad inconvenient (queueing up at the Passport Office at 7 a.m. and then waiting to be served for ages, is, I admit, not a thrilling way to spend a morning), task, rather than an accomplishment worthy of significant goal-setting. A dream journey, on the other hand: definitely goal-worthy. I did not -- and do not -- believe, or mean to suggest, that not having a passport is a bad thing.


  1. I love that you have a list and such terrific goals for yourself. I have an ongoing list where I do one thing a month I haven't done before - from ziptrekking to a new knit stitch. It doesn't have to be big, just new....

  2. Hmmm, lot going on there girl. I refuse to do any kind of list. Mainly because it would be 50 by 50, that is NOT happening in this little house, I tell you what!

  3. The marathon should be straightforward enough if you just want to finish it- been there, done that. But beware, you may want to do another one :-) I'm with you on finishing the degree, me too! Preferably in the next few months, not before I'm 40.

  4. Ha, that's awesome! Doing a half-marathon is not too bad. Why do you specifically want to knit a fair isle sweater in pieces? (just my knitting curiosity- I'd be happy to finish a fair isle sweater in any form!)

  5. Re: (half)marathon. Understand, Piggy is a total couch potato, who is all talk, and very little action. :-)

    As for the Fair Isle in pieces, I think I was just making it as difficult as possible. :-)