Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bouquets & Brickbats

I have been too lazy to knit anything new figured it was time to stir things up a bit here at Flying Pig Knits, so here's the first installment of what's almost sure to be a regular feature. Because let's face it, Piggy isn't shy about passing judgment on just about anything under the sun; ranting against the crappy and singing the praises of the wonderful just feels so darn good. Oh, and because it's a pretty lazy way to fill up a post.

Ok, so let's get 'er going, eh?

bouquet to everyone who visits Flying Pig Knits.

Even if you got here by mistake and don't stick around. Thanks for dropping by.

An even bigger bouquet to everyone who leaves comments.
It's nice to know I'm not just blabbering away at myself. So an extra big thank you to all of you.

A brickbat to Blogger, for the less-than-ideal comments system you provide.
Is it too much to ask to provide Piggy with the e-mail addresses of commenters, so she can send acknowledgments and/or answers to questions left in the comments section? No, I don't think so. Get with the programme, already. There are a couple of reasons I chose you and not, but they are starting to feel less important than they were when I started ye olde blogge.

brickbat to Piggy, for accidentally deleting a comment left by I'm-not-quite-sure-who (I think your ID might have started with a "P", and contained "knit", but it's all a blur) to an older post (I think about the cabled baby hat, but again...blur.)
My apologies. I hope you didn't receive a nasty message saying I rejected your comment. (You probably didn't, actually, since Blogger probably didn't get your e-mail...) Unless, of course, you said something nasty, in which case, you got what you deserved. ;-)

That was kind of fun. :-)


  1. A bouquet of tulips to you for always making me smile with your direct and matter of fact point of view.

  2. I'll take my big bouquet, please! (smile)
    and give your good self one right back!

  3. Um, wasn't going to leave a comment because the computer is acting up, but it seems to be working now. So leaving a comment. Waiting for my bouquet... :)

  4. Bouquets of flowers...I love flowers. How thoughtful.

  5. Will they be knitted flowers?? -smiles-

  6. Can it be a cookie bouquet? nom nom nom.

  7. Awe, you're welcome! I love flowers. Thank you!