Friday, April 17, 2009

What do they put in them...crack?

Check out the scene at Burrard & Pender at around 12:45 this afternoon...


That's a queue for hot dogs, people. Seriously, these people were about to round the corner. I've never seen so many people lined up for street meat when so many other alternatives were available. (Case in point: the delicious Indian yumminess -- a mere block away -- that whengaiasmiles and Piggy scored after we paused to capture this rather strange scene.)

Well, my friends, apparently Piggy has been living under a rock. These aren't just any hot dogs. They are Japanese style Hotdogs from Japa Dog.


And everybody knows about them: local media, foodie bloggers from far and wide who return to Vancouver for their fix (trust me; just google it) and the big guns like Anthony Bourdain, who showcased Japa Dog on the Vancouver episode of No Reservations. (Go see it on youtube.)

Seriously. I mean everybody: Macleans magazine ran a story about Japa Dog almost two years ago, for Pete's sake. If Macleans knows about you, you've pretty much saturated the market (in fact, you're almost certainly passé; somehow Japa Dog has managed to survive and thrive). Yet Piggy remained oblivious.

So what are they, exactly? Check out Karen Hamilton's post on Japa Dog on her great Vancouver foodie blog, Tiny Bites.

Piggy might need to try a Terimayo one on Monday...if they'll let me have it on a veggie dog...


  1. Those look good! Sadly, such things have yet to appear down here. I could go for several types of those.

  2. I LOVE Japadog. Love them. They're just so... Vancouver! I try to take everyone new there but it's not open during the cold months and for some reason wasn't there today :( We should go!

  3. That is crazy! I cant believe people would wait in line like that for a hotdog.