Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NEWSFLASH: Piggy's ahead of schedule

Pick up your jaws (I hope you were sitting down)'s true.

Well, on one WIP, anyway. Unfortunately, I can't talk about it just yet, as it's a super-secret project for my spoilee in the Malabrigo swap on Ravelry. The knitting itself is simple, but the fact I'm about half-way through more than a month before the swap's deadline for posting is rather unusual for Piggy, who is really all about the last-minute scrambling.

The rest of the package is under control, too: the yarn has been ordered from Valley Yarn, a local online company that offers a lovely selection of Malabrigo, as well as Handmaiden, Mirasol, Lorna's Laces, Noro (if you're into that sort of thing, wink, wink) and more, and should be arriving by tomorrow. I've also ordered a pattern from my spoilee's queue, and have pretty much figured out the rest of the goodies for her package. I'm so far ahead of the game it's scary. Something is bound to go wrong, I reckon.

The super-secret knitting has meant that the Selbu Modern has taken a back seat. I did, however, manage to get a few rounds done over the long weekend.


I'm now on Round 14 of 62. So...behind schedule, really.

I am very pleased with my choice of colours (I would be remiss if I didn't mention that about half of the Sunday regulars helped me with the selection; had they not, I'd still be hemming and hawing over all the potential combinations), and am rather impressed with my chart-reading (now that I have one in colours closer to my own yarn; I just couldn't keep things straight using the yellow-and-blue chart from the pattern -- mainly, I think, because I am using the lighter yarn as the contrast colour).

I am, however, still concerned about puckering. I feel like I'm knitting much more loosely than I usually do, but I'm not sure my floats have enough give.

Any tricks you can share with Piggy to prevent a puckered chapeau?


  1. Gorgeous Selbu. Well done you! I've been told that using bamboo or wood needles helps with making your floats longer as the needles are less slippery and force the stitches to stay further apart. Could be bupkiss, not sure.

    Oh, and Noro? I'm totally into "that" kind of thing. Wink wink, nudge nudge. I've even sampled the pleasures of Valley Yarn. Okay, gonna go now, I'm starting to creep myself out a bit.

  2. I don't allow floats and twist for every's a lot more fussing, but the finished result is worth it...blocking afterwards may fix as well. Looks really good!

  3. Good stuff, it's hard to find good articles on how to make stuff like that. You should try posting this on I find most of my stuff there. It's nice because you can search by ingredients and by the name of the finished product. You can link your page to the website and it helps you keep track of who is using your articles. Great list of drink recipes for parties too!

  4. I find that there is a real difference after blocking... my experience comes from a "we call them pirates" hat or two and many Endpaper mitts.
    They all pucker to begin with but get some soapy water an eucalan on them and they just melt in your hands! :D