Saturday, April 4, 2009

If it bleeds, it leads

Piggy's fine, don't worry. It's her wallet that's bleeding.


So there I was in the Village, minding my own business, heading back to my car after completing my mission of picking up the world's most delicious sandwich (that might, perhaps, be somewhat hyperbolic, but seriously; they're fantastic -- just get there before noon if you don't want to wait), when some intangible force swept me into Urban Yarns.

About 20 minutes and several tens of dollars later, I came out with this:

Soya Cotton DK -denim

Three skeins of Sublime Soya Cotton DK -- 50% soy, 50% cotton -- in denim.

Oh, and this:

Cathay - plum

Nine skeins of Debbie Bliss Cathay -- 50% cotton, 35% viscose microfibre and 15% silk.

Now, I know what you're thinking. We don't even need to talk about it. I agree with you. Almost wholeheartedly, even. But it was 40% off. That's almost half-price. And it's in the most Piggy-pleasing purple ever. So of course I bought all nine skeins that were left in the shop.

Ummm...and called the other location and had them send another six over to North Van.

In other news...

I haven't got very far with the April Selbu Modern (or here, if you still aren't on Ravelry) KAL.

Selbu Modern cast on

I've been too busy indulging the pre-process knitter half of me (90%, more like!) by scouring Ravelry for ideas for the Cathay.

I need to get cracking!


  1. Ooooh, that Cathay is incredible! The color! The blend! The price! I gotta see if my LYS will order some now. :D

  2. Oh, such pretties! And 40% off, what a steal!

    I got the Malabrigo yesterday! It's perfect! Thank you!