Thursday, April 30, 2009

The bag that ate my Selbu Modern

Well, not literally, of course. Piggy doesn't make a habit of carrying around tote bags with teeth and a well-developed taste for Koigu. I did the actual frogging yesterday afternoon.


But it's really all the bag's fault.

I almost always have a knitting project with me. I knit on the bus to and from work, on my breaks, in waiting rooms and queues. And because I prefer to keep things simple, I don't carry a separate purse and knitting bag. I lug around one large-ish bag that holds everything.


And by "everything", I mean a whole lot of stuff. For the record, yesterday the bag contained the following:

Main Compartment:
  • my wallet;
  • my camera;
  • my Selbu's "project bag" (a knock-off Ziploc), containing the two balls of Koigu, two sets of Addi Turbos, stitchmarkers, a knitting row counter, my KnitPicks chartkeeper and point protectors;
  • the latest edition of The Walrus;
  • my car insurance policy;
  • notes regarding car accident, written on both paper and paper towel;
  • two plastic containers, which held yesterday's lunch, in a red plastic bag;
  • Piggy's "Tickle Trunk" of tools and notions; and
  • The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements
Large front pocket:
  • a coin holder (holding one nickel; I keep forgetting I have this, so my change is in my wallet);
  • an almost-full packet of fancy tissues (from my Christmas stocking);
  • a Moleskine pocket organizer (the marker is placed in the week of March 26);
  • my passport (hey, you never know when you might need to leave the country, pronto);
  • a North Vancouver bus schedule;
  • hand cream;
  • 12 wet-naps; and
  • a (particularly ugly) freebie Clinique makeup bag, containing: a mini toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss; a small hairbrush; lip balm; tinted lip gloss (I cannot remember ever wearing this); a small tub of face cream, an ancient Advil tube, refilled for the umpteenth time with generic anti-inflammatories; and a packet of Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Soap Leaves (at least five years old, and unopened).
Small front pocket:
  • one ballpoint pen; and
  • one mechanical pencil. (Note to self: you are slacking in the writing implement department -- you usually have at least three or four pens in here. Please refill a.s.a.p.)
Rear zipped pocket:
  • two small ruled notebooks;
  • one black Sharpie;
  • one inky ballpoint pen;
  • keys to an assortment of other peoples' homes (betcha forgot I had 'em, eh, people?); and
  • one "Hello, my name is yarnpiggy" Ravelry badge
Side pocket:
  • umbrella (this is Vancouver, after all).
Here it all is...


Yesterday, it should be noted, wasn't an unusual day. The bag is often far more packed. Wherein lies the point of this post. (Oh yes, there was a point.)

A knock-off Ziploc offers little in the way of protection to a larval Selbu Modern when it is mixed up with all the other stuff Piggy lugs around.

Neither do point protectors.

I have been carrying the Selbu around for weeks, now, without knitting a stitch. (I've been working on that secret something for my Malabrigo swap partner). It's been tossed around a fair bit, and has had all sorts of things thrown on top of it.

So it really should not have come as a shock to discover -- as Piggy did a few days ago -- that the point protectors had been dislodged from the needle points, and half the Selbu's stitches (ok, so it was actually 15-or-so stitches...might as well have been half) had were hanging in mid-air. Some had actually slipped down several rounds, to boot.

No, I didn't take a picture. I couldn't bring myself to.

I tried not to frog. Honestly. In several sessions over the past three days, I've displayed uncharacteristic optimism, patience and determination not to rip the whole thing. With the chart at hand to ensure the pattern was maintained, I managed to coax about half of the wayward stitches back into place.

But I just couldn't get the rest of them on correctly, no matter how many times I tried. And by yesterday afternoon, I'd had enough. And frogged the whole thing.

So, the moral of this story: Piggy needs a better bag. One that will allow me to carry lots of stuff around, but will protect my knitting.

Any suggestions?


  1. They're pricey but you can get good deals on Ravelry -- the Jordana Paige bags. I have the Rio which is huge but pretty organized.

  2. Holy sh*t! I thought I carried a lot. Stealing this idea for a blog post at a future time. The world needs to see all the stuff that we women pack around, all the time! I'm very sorry about the Selbu. If it makes you feel any better, I knit the ribbing of mine and the first round of colourwork and there she sits. Completely uncompleted. I suck. ;) And you know what else? I'm going to cast on a new project tonight. Life is short and I want to knit with almost safety orange Malabrigo lace!

  3. I hear your pain. I just bought myself a Namaste bag and I am sooo in love with it. It carries a lot: what I am currently working on, my wallet and other stuff that I used to jam into a purse, work related stuff and my lunch. I am sure there are stores in your area that carry them. I know the local yarn shop in Abbotsford (Woolaroo) now has them and you can even order what you like. I went online and picked out what I liked.

  4. I have a Jordana Paige bag as well. I am so sorry for your loss.