Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yo-Yo Waaaah

With apologies to a certain player of a large-ish stringed instrument. Piggy couldn't help herself.

Here is what the Good Luck/Bad Luck Cowl looked like this morning:


As you'll no doubt surmise by the amount of fabric before you, I elected to go with option #1: make one and press on.

Or, rather, make 2. For two or three repeats on, it happened again. Two missed yarn overs from R2 of the pattern.

And really, I just made one -- from wherever -- and kept on trucking. Most unlike me. I knew that, in theory, I could do what a couple of helpful commenters suggested: get out the old crochet hook (or smaller needle) and do some stitch retrieval from the proper spot.

But darned if I can figure that out. I am spatially challenged. Seriously. And I'm not good at translating written instructions for these sort of things into practice. I need to see them being done.

I'm sure there are videos of this on youtube or knittinghelp.com. I could have looked them up. Or waited to show it to a yarny pal. Or, gone with option #3 (full-on frogging), or at least some frinking (remember frinking?).

But I didn't. I just plowed ahead. With this result:


I am trying to get over it. With little success.


  1. I hope it works out for you - it's really very lovely and no one will notice that you had to add a stitch or two!!!

  2. Seriously, it's hardly noticeable. No one will notice from far away. Promise. :)