Monday, March 23, 2009

Podcasts for Piggy (clue me in!)

I'm really coming late to the party as far as knitting podcasts go; I just started downloading a couple (literally, two) over the last month or so. This is a little surprising, really, as podcasts are a wonderful way to get some knitting in without actually knitting anything -- perfect for the pre-process knitter.

The first podcast I sampled, The Manic Purl, is hosted by a fellow Vancouverite and Plurk pal of mine, chrissythegreat. It's fun to match the voice with the name on the screen -- and the face in the LYS mega-sale line-up! Chrissy has a very conversational style, and her podcast includes a wide mix of stuff -- what she's knitting now, what she's planning to knit, reviews of the latest knitting magazines, featured etsy shops and sellers, contests, and lots more. Check out The Manic Purl group on Ravelry.

From a podcast originating in my own backyard to one on the other side of the world...the other podcast I'm listening to now is Sticks and String, hosted by Aussie David Reidy. This is a very popular one, with thousands of weekly downloads. Very easy to listen to -- including the occasional contributions from cats Tikka and Tiger! I particularly like David's thoughtful essays; my favourites so far are The 'T' Word, from show 89; and Bloom Where You're Planted, from show 95. Check them out, if you haven't already.

I have plenty of episodes of both The Manic Purl and Sticks and String to catch up on, but I'm also on the hunt for more knitting podcasts to enjoy. There are quite a few of them out there -- the the Knitting Podcasts blog maintains a handy list -- but I'd love to have some suggestions.

What are your favourite knitting podcasts?


  1. My newest favorite is 'stitch it podcast' by 'itsjustmegan'. She does a knitting segment, a spinning segment, some babble and a favorite thing. She is a young mother and I love hearing about the antics her little boy gets into.

  2. I love podcasts! My favourites of the ones that haven't been already mentioned are Doubleknit, Knitmore Girls, Gives Good Knit and This American Life, which isn't about knitting but is fascinating. Happy listening!

  3. Y Knit is fun, as is Its A Purl Man - but neither is very regular.
    Sticks and Strings is my favorite!

  4. Okay, not a knitting one but In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg is fantastic! You can get it on iTunes or on the BBC4 website. Go on, try it. I was right about the Silk Garden, wasn't I?