Monday, March 30, 2009

Piggy's rule #27: don't bring lace to a knitting meet-up

Unless you're the type of knitter who can comfortably ignore everyone else (and keep your own trap shut) while counting your yarn overs. Or, of course, you are an experienced lace knitter. Piggy is neither of those things.

On the weekend I actually made a bit of progress on the Good Luck/Bad Luck Cowl...


On the bus this morning, however, I came across an error. I am missing one stitch in one of the 10-stitch repeats. By my count, three options are open to me at this point:
  1. Make one stitch and just press on; nobody is going to notice.
  2. Tink back until I find the error (two rounds back, methinks), fix it, and continue.
  3. Frog the bloody thing, and accept I was never meant to complete this project.
Each of these options has its pros and cons.
  1. Pro: this is the quickest and easiest solution. Con: I'm going to know the mistake is there, darn it. And it will bother me no end.
  2. Pro: I'll be able to sleep better knowing it's done right. Con: I'm going to have to tink back two rounds; and when tinking k2togs and pssos, the possibility of making additional errors is reasonably high. This, of course, means further hair-pulling. And less sleep.
  3. Pro: My frogging skills are highly developed; I know I can rip perfectly. Con: Once it's frogged, I'm going to have to start all over again. Call me Captain Ahab; this cowl is my Moby Dick.
Stay tuned to see which option I choose...


  1. That's exactly why I only bring the easiest, most basic things to knitting get-togethers.

  2. If it were me, I'd go with option #1. No one will notice and tinking back through k2togs is seriously not worth it. Have you considered using life lines? That way if you have to frog you don't have to go back too far.

  3. Don't tink or frog yet. Carefully find where your error is on the previous rows. If it is just a missing yarn over, grab the bar between the stitches where the yarn over should be, and using a crochet hook, knit it up to the right spot. You can do it, be fearless!!

  4. I'd go for option one. Good luck!

  5. This is a beautiful cowl. Fixing the errors is part of the craft. If you can not correct the stitch as in the previous comment then pull out a smaller knitting needle that is two or three sizes smaller and slide it through the stitches in a row just below the error. The smaller size makes it easier to insert the needle into the stitches. Rip down to the needle. Now use your original size needle and continue knitting. Good luck.