Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Piggy's back

Well, it hasn't been all that long, really -- less than two weeks -- but this has been the longest gap between posts since Piggy started blogging last summer. It's not that I have fewer things to blather on about -- my life hasn't been any less interesting than usual. Besides which, a dearth of exciting news hasn't exactly stopped me so far. (Quit nodding your heads and rolling your eyes!)

Two Saturdays ago I attended Northern Voice 2009 out at UBC. In fact, I was a panellist (it's ok to look shocked...I was surprised that my yarny friend Lauren, who is also an uber-geek and one of the conference organizers, asked me to take part), and spoke -- very briefly, to the relief of all concerned -- about "Where I live online". (I am, apparently, the only person on earth still on Plurk -- this will, no doubt, come as a surprise to all my Plurk pals.)

It was a great conference: excellent speakers (ahoy, Nora Young!), interesting discussions -- both inside the sessions and during the lunch and coffee breaks -- and a small (in the good-things-come-in-small-packages sense) group of about 300 friendly and engaging attendees, many of whom were Northern Voice first-timers. Several, in fact, non-geeks, as I am.

What I'm trying to get at here is that this was an inspiring day. Yet Piggy, who, as you may have gathered, has a rather familiar relationship with the proverbial half-empty glass, left Northern Voice with a fairly hefty case of self-doubt and skepticism. I felt like I was somehow different than everyone else there.

Consider the following:

1. I didn't live-blog or tweet the highlights of each panel; hell, I hadn't even brought my laptop, and my cell phone is a phone, full stop.

2. I don't have 1,000+ Twitter followers taking note of my daily output of profundities. And yes, as a matter of fact, I do tweet my dinner menu.

3. I found myself wanting to give Kirk LaPointe a big hug at the start of the session on how Twitter and the like are affecting journalism...and wanting to smack him by the end because I felt he didn't make a strong enough case for the role of professional journalists.

4. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I don't have a problem with the occasional meme.

5. Until Northern Voice, I'm pretty sure I'd never troubled myself with the issue of my "brand."

And there are countless more. But I don't want to bore you further.

I actually worried about this. For days.

But in the last day or so, I've gotten over myself. It's o.k. that this is "just" a knitting blog, (of rather unremarkable knitting, to boot) with the occasional (o.k., frequent) superficial diversions into politics, food, celebrity gossip or whatever.

I may not be at the cutting edge of this week's paradigm shift, but that's o.k.

See you tomorrow. With knitting. :-)


  1. Glad to have you back! How can we not love the YarnPiggy brand? I mean, honestly! A piggy *and* knitting? It can't get any better! :)

  2. It's more than just OK. I think worrying about "brand", like worrying about readership, is counter-productive. Be yourself online as often as you feel like it - at least this is what I try to do. And this is why I asked you to take part on the panel, too.

  3. The more i worry about my blog the less i post lol.
    I love yours the way it is!