Friday, March 13, 2009

Now that’s more like it!

A little while ago I blogged about breaking my yarn diet. As you may recall, I felt the fast was a failure on more than one level: sure, I cheated. But more importantly (and, it's true, more perversely) was the fact I didn't go on a full-on hedonistic bender.

Well, this week, I’ve redeemed myself. And it’s all elann’s fault.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with and their sales. They have one every Tuesday. These are publicized well in advance.

They also have fairly frequent special sales, often only advertised on their site the day before. Many of these are feeding frenzies reminiscent of the old Filene’s basement annual wedding dress sale, albeit – given the fact that elann sells exclusively online – with far less bloodshed.

These sales can be brutal. You need to train for them: constant reviewing of the “Sneak Peaks” section of elann’s website, to ensure you spot the announcement of the sale; followed by a perusal of the available colours (so often, we’re warned, “some colours are available in very limited quantities; shop early!”). Then it’s off to Ravelry for a reconnaissance mission that would make the Marines proud.

Because once the sale starts at 9 a.m. Pacific, the fibre flies. You need to get in, get the job done, and get out double-smart. If you delay, those 12 skeins of Boysenberry in your cart might well fall into enemy hands.

Seriously, people. If you don’t believe me, log on to one of these battles sometimes, hit “refresh” every few seconds, and watch the stocks fall. Just make sure you’re sitting down; it’s easy to get dizzy.

Anyhoo…yesterday morning the special was on Needful Yarns Cable Due cotton: 160 metres for $2.13 (that would be 175 yards for $1.68 for you south-of-the-border yarnies). In a ridiculous number of gorgeous colours.

Well, Piggy was unprepared. With all this yarn diet nonsense, I’d missed the past several weeks of morning yarny callisthenics, and was soft. And I missed the drop into the combat zone.

I turned up at 10:15. Most of the carnage had already been done. Glazed Carrot. Boysenberry. Driftwood. Surf. Cranberry. Denim. Tropical Sea. Salsa. Coconut. All gone. And several others were mortally wounded.

I managed to snag 10 balls of Alpine Violet (I’m thinking a summery top for Piggy), and five each of Lavender Frost and Lemonade (dresses for the little girls in my life?).

But that’s not all. Oh, no.

I went back in this morning and picked up another five balls of other colours. You know, for colour work on those dresses.

Damn you,!

(I love you.)


  1. Spoken like a true Elann warrior!!

    I too bear many battle wounds but I'm more often victorious and stand proudly atop my personal mountain of fiber!

    Now just need to KNIT IT ALL!

  2. No, damn you for telling me about this site when I am on my own yarn diet! I am trying to hold out for the WEBS tent sale in May. But this sounds better!
    I must go shop now. Don't tell my friend.