Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little bonus at the LYS today...(hot yarny actor ogling action!!!)

I've just returned home from Three Bags Full. Where I -- and a few of my fellow Wranglers, some of whom are sure to be blogging about this, too (that would be MrsQ and Plae, methinks) -- were doing what one does in a LYS, namely ogling and fondling yarn, when we spotted a rather attractive man buying several skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery (I'm pretty sure it was Mountain Mohair, in at least three shades that I noticed -- a blue, green and a kind of rusty-red...but I digress.)

At first, I just thought he was a nice-looking guy buying some nice-looking yarn. I wondered what his plans were for it -- colour work of some sort, I figured. Normally, I would ask. But something didn't feel quite right, so I held back.

Then Plae murmurs to me "You know who that is, right?"

And then it hit me. This guy was an actor. I knew I'd seen him before, but I couldn't place him.

"I think so," I whispered back, "but you'll have to confirm later."

Anyhoo, cute yarny guy chats with Francesca while she rings through his yarn..."I really love this yarn," he said. The guy knows the yarn.

We buy our stuff (more on that later), and leave the store (cute yarny guy was still there, waiting, I think, to have his yarn wound)...

We're all a bit giggly outside, when Plae tells us it's this guy:

Please, ABC, don't sue me

His name is Mark Valley. He's been on several shows I've never watched, most recently Fringe and Boston Legal. I, do however, remember him from Days of Our Lives about 10 years or so ago.

He looks just as good in person. Better, actually. And he's a yarny! Swoon. My google research tells me he's got a math degree (very helpful!) from West Point (gotta love a man in uniform). And he recently married his hot co-star in Fringe, Anna Torv. Maybe he's going to use the Mountain Mohair to knit something lovely for her?

So...of course we're all furious with ourselves for not Kinnearing him. But as MrsQ and I discussed on the drive home, it wouldn't have been easy to Kinnear him in a subtle fashion in such a small space, and it would have been totally inappropriate to disturb him in the sanctuary, the temple, the holy place that is the LYS.



  1. oooo he's yarny! now that is all you really want in a man! :D

  2. That makes him even MORE attractive!

  3. I think you were right to respect the sanctuary that is the LYS. :) Who knows? He might become a regular, and then you won't have to Kinnear him, you can just outright ask to take a photo! :D