Saturday, March 28, 2009

Contest prize!

As promised, a picture of the comment contest prize:


I e-mailed the winner, Dove Knits, this morning. She requested I send the donation to Warm Woolies, a Denver-based charity whose volunteers knit warm clothing for orphans in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and on Native American Reservations in the northern U.S. I'll be posting the cheque today.*

I'll also be sending Dove a skein of Malabrigo Lace in olive. I did a wee bit of spying on Ravelry, and discovered she likes lace, and green. And, because I also discovered she is observing Lent, I'm including the heart-shaped wooden buttons in lieu of the "something yummy for the tummy" (i.e. chocolate) I hinted at yesterday.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing your thoughts about charity knitting. :-)

*The sharp-eyed among you might have seen I neglected to fill in the date before taking the picture; don't worry, it's there now!


  1. Perfect! I love it! I do love lace, and anything green, and love wooden buttons, too! And I've never tried Malabrigo, but been wanting to. (Thank you for respecting Lent, as well!) Thank you!!