Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catching up, part 2: Malabrigo swappity goodness

I forgot to mention this yesterday; just as well, since I've been working on a freelance project this weekend, and have nothing new to report.

So, I signed up for round 5 of the Malabrigo Swap on Ravelry. Resistance was futile: it's Malabrigo, people!

Here's what came in the first package:

Score!!!!! A dpn holder from marelle on etsy, and two tubs of Laura's Wholesome Junk Food -- vegan treats that taste like cookie dough. Best. stuff. ever. I was introduced to them by Cephalopodlover, my partner in the previous round of the swap. Can't get them up here, which is probably a good thing, really; they might be healthy junk food, but they pack a few calories.

The enclosed note simply said they were from my swap partner. I went back to the envelope to take a look at the return address ('cause you know I was going to do some reverse-stalking on Ravelry!)...Texas. 

Hmmmm...there was no-one in my group from Texas. Interesting. I figured out who must have sent it -- irunnaked was from the very town in Texas...but who was she working for? 

Soon enough, I found out. And when I saw the return address on the enormous padded envelope, I knew I was going to love the contents: it was from Michelle, who had spoiled me with not one but two packages in a Blue Sky Alpacas swap last summer.

Check out what she sent me this time:

But wait -- there's more...

Oh, and there's more...

And let's not forget the yarny, Mmmmmal goodness...

The colours here aren't quite right, but that's a skein of Silky in Hot Pink, and Sock in Violeta Africana...gorgeous!

And, the piece de resistance:

A gorgeous hand-knit neckwarmer in Geranio. Deeee-lish!

Thank you soooo much, Michelle! (And Jen, for your sneaky help!)


  1. There's a Malabrigo swap on Ravelry?!?! How did I miss that?

  2. Mmmmmmmalabrigo - that neckwarmer is yum-eeee!

    And so is Wholesome Junk Food, I love that stuff!