Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catching up: LSG meetup and free stuff!

I'll apologize right up front for this post's higgeldy-piggeldy (pun fully intended) structure. I'm just going to cram everything from the last week or so into one post.

So...first up: last weekend's Vancouver LSG meet-up. For non-Ravelry members...well, sign up and take a look.  Anyhoo, a bunch of us Vancouver-area LSGers met up for a fantastic day of debauchery. 

We started off at Salt Spring Coffee Co. on Main, where we took over an entire corner and spent a few hours stitching and bitching...much raising of Muggle eyebrows ensued.

Round 1 was capped off with a yarn swap. The rules: bring stuff we were willing to trade with zero conditions; dump it all out on the table; free-for-all. Any disputes to be resolved by caged pudding wrestling.

Piggy needs to work on her reflexes -- I missed out on a couple of choice items. I did, however, score a few nice additions to the stash:

LSG yarn swap

That would be a full skein of Fiddlesticks Lace in a yummy shade of teal, some sock yarn of unknown origin in mixed pinks, and that skein of superwash DK in a most Piggy pink. I also scooped up some grey wool of some sort that beentsy promised would "felt up like iron". I've somehow misplaced it, however, so no photo just yet. 

I unloaded a few things as well...but I'm too lazy to list them. Ravelers can go to my stash page if you're really interested. No reason you should be, though.

Then it was off to Three Bags Full, where Piggy was very restrained -- zero purchases! -- followed by a pit stop for lunch. En route, I took a very LSG photo:

Vancouver LSG mitts


We wrapped up the day at Birkeland Bros., where most of us took advantage of some serious discounts on Fleece Artist & Handmaiden gorgeousness and generally made our presence felt. Pay a visit to MrsQuimby's for the evidence. 

Next up: more free stuff. Needles. And more needles. And even more needles. Oh, and a few crochet hooks and buttons, to boot. 

Last week a co-worker gave whengaiasmiles a huge bag of vintage needles owned by his late mother. We spent a lunch hour in the boardroom cataloguing them all, before staking our claims (the rest are up for grabs to our fellow Wranglers). Unfortunately, my computer ate the photos of the full collection, but here's what came home with me:

Free needles & buttons

Those Aeros with the ivory-and-red tops (English size 9, which my needle gauge tells me is 3.75mm/US 5) totally reminded me of my mother's tin of old needles, so I grabbed a set. And the green ones -- well, who could resist green needles? 

But my favourites would have to be the super-duper "PERL-INOX-Tric" needles...

Perl-Inox-Tric needles

What with the finer, easy-gliding shaft and everything. 


  1. Damn i snorted tea up my nose!! Like the shaft lol

  2. Gotta love that easy-glide shaft! Maybe it needs a condom-cozy?

  3. I have a pair of those red-tipped ones too! They are my second-favourite needles.