Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are YOU a Pre-Process Knitter?

I know you're out there, my fellow pre-process knitters. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Just in case you aren't simply in denial, I have a wee quiz for you...simply select the most appropriate answer to each of the following five questions.

1. My stash is...

a) All in project bags; any yarn not on needles will be once their cousins have been used up on the WIP.
b) Accounted for; I have picked out a pattern for each yarn, and I have a pretty good idea when I’ll start each project.
c) Growing, but nicely organized. If I come across a pattern I’d like to try, I’d probably know right away if I’d need to buy yarn, or could use what I already have.
d) A little out of control; I really should go on a yarn diet, but it’s all just so pretty, darn it.
e) I don’t want to talk about it.

2. Of the knitting books/magazines in my collection, I haven’t used a single pattern from ____of them:

a) 0% – I would never buy a book unless I planned on knitting at least three of its patterns.
b) 25% – But I didn’t buy them; I can’t help it if my significant other/best friend/mother/boss/crazy Aunt Mabel can’t be bothered to check my Amazon wishlist, can I?
c) 50% – But Elizabeth Zimmermann books shouldn’t count: they’re stories, not patterns.
d) 75% – We really shouldn’t get hung up on numbers; the purpose of knitting books is to provide inspiration, not guaranteed FOs.
e) 100% – No comment.

3. My non-knitting friends:

a) What non-knitting friends?
b) Probably think I’m dead; I’m too busy knitting to get together with them.
c) Are hiding from me: they have more sweaters, scarves, hats, mitts, socks, dishcloths and naughty chapstick covers than they know what to do with.
d) Keep harassing me to finish that sweater/scarf/hat/dishcloth/pair of mitts/naughty chapstick cover I’ve been promising them since Christmas 2006.
e) Think I’m certifiable: who has four big Rubbermaid totes full of yarn, a bookshelf full of knitting books, and six Glenfiddich tubes full of needles, but never knits anything?

4. During the hour or so I spend in line waiting to pay at my LYS’s big semi-annual sale, I:

a) Cast on, knit and cast off a hat for my colleague’s new baby, using half the yarn I’m about to buy. The other half is for the matching booties, which I’ll start and finish when I get home.
b) Chat to the knitter behind me while I work a few rows of my Noro Striped Scarf; my basket has everything I planned to buy, so I don’t need to look at anything else.
c) Give in a little and pick up one extra skein of luscious Malabrigo...I deserve a little treat every once in a while.
d) Beg those still shopping to throw me a few skeins of this and that (“Any shade of purple, green or blue is fine!”) until I need another basket to hold all my purchases.
e) Have a full-on smack down with another knitter over the last two skeins of 50%-off Brand X yarn, even though I am an avowed Brand X hater. I mean, come on, it’s 50% off – I must have it!

5. Since I joined Ravelry:

a) Ravelry? Who has time for Ravelry, with all this knitting?
b) My knitting output has gone through the roof; I join every KAL I can find.
c) I’ve been knitting a lot more; it’s so easy to find new projects.
d) I’m slowly working on my queue; unfortunately, it’s a one-FO-forward, 50-patterns-added process.
e) I spend all my time on LSG; I haven’t knit anything in months.

Answer key: you don't really need one, do you? Ok, if you answered d) or e) to two or more of these, you have some strong pre-process knitter tendencies.
Welcome, and have a piece of cake. :-)


  1. Mostly C's with a couple of D's. I surprised myself with those pre-process tendencies! :)

  2. This posting made me laugh out loud! Think I was mostly in the b category, but I'm not the most adept at knitting up my stash (find its easier to do that with weaving).

  3. This is one of the funniest list I have ever read. I laughed out loud while nodding my head in total agreement!

  4. I plead the fifth - this all hits too close to home!

  5. C's and D's for the dunckie. It's true. *weeps*

  6. 1. between c/d
    2. between d/e
    3. between d/e
    4. c
    5. d

    Go pre-process knitters!

  7. thanks for the quiz, this was great! Not at all surprised to find myself mostly in the "d"'s! I never *was* an A student, lol!!

  8. I had no idea I was so pre-process, I figured I was strongly in the "process" camp!

  9. Thanks for the cake. I'll munch on it while I flip through the sock knitting book I bought yesterday and totally didn't need. :)

  10. Eureka! I have found my spiritual knitting home!

  11. Oh my... this is sooooo me. It explains so much!!

  12. All B's except for 4 (c) and 5 (d). I think we can all agree the Houce Cup broke my ability to knit first queue later.

  13. C; D; not really applicable as I knit for myself mostly (but it would be D--I know myself ::laughs::); C; D.

    And the Ds have it by a small margin! Welcome, Cinnabars, to your new identification--Pre-Process Knitter!

  14. Uh oh, I'm nearly all D's! No wonder hubby groans when I mention attending Stitches. LOL

  15. I'm afraid I cant answer those questions on the grounds that they might incriminate me. very funny though.

  16. Just ran across this and all I can say is... mmm, cake! :D lol

  17.  e for #1, c for #4 and the rest are all ds.  Nice ta meetcha!

  18.  oops, c for #3, not #4  :P