Friday, February 20, 2009

Piggy needs a hug (and some sleeping pills)

It's been one of those weeks. Last week's car accident, coupled with the aftermath at ICBC, has left me more anxious than normal (Piggy is hardly as cool as a cucumber at the best of times). This makes a good night's sleep less likely (Piggy's standard five-to-six hours is looking great right now).

Add to that a brief relocation to the noisy downtown core while catsitting for a friend, and my nervousness about speaking at Northern Voice tomorrow, and you have an under-rested and overly-caffeinated Piggy.

On the upside, there is some movement with the sock. Not a huge amount, I'm afraid; I've been working on a secret project (nothing super-thrilling, so don't get all excited; I will post it next week) for my partner in the Malabrigo swap on Ravelry instead. But still, there is more sockage than before.

I've received measurements of my niece's foot, so now know when to start the decreases. There's obviously no way I'll be getting the pair done in time for her birthday on the 28th, but I'm feeling confident now that they will get done.

And I've received a bit of added incentive: my sister tells me that when my niece was asked what she'd liked for her birthday, she said she wanted a party Awwwwww....Piggy's got the warm fuzzies.


  1. The sock looks stupendous *and* it's my favorite color. Nice job!

  2. I haz no sleeping pills but:

  3. Feel better soon! Try to lay off the caffeine and get some rest. And I *love* the sock! What a fantastic color!

  4. How about a peanut-butter-toffee square? Would that help?

    That sock, by the way, has no business looking that good. First socks are supposed to be arse. That is definitely not.

  5. Hope you are doing better - lots of hugs!