Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Paraskavedekatriaphobia Day

Well, Friday the 13th is already more than half over, and nothing horrible has happened to Piggy yet (touch wood). Perhaps the fates mistakenly figured she was in New Zealand yesterday with the whole car accident thingy, and got the timing wrong.


I’ve been slaving away at work looking up knitting superstitions on the interwebs this afternoon. Here are a few of the favourites…

It's bad luck to leave a project unfinished. The intended recipient will get bad luck from the unfinished item. If that’s not incentive to break out your WIPs, I don’t know what is. On the other hand…methinks it might be time to cast on a particularly complicated blue sweater for a certain Canadian Prime Minister. Maybe a lacy one, just to be safe.

If you knit one of your own hairs into a garment, it will bind the recipient to you. I suspect some of my friends are now bound to either my late dog Tessa, or my sister's dog Brie, whose hairs are still hanging around my Mum’s place.

Knitting on the doorstep in late winter will prolong the winter. This is one comes from Iceland. Why anyone in Iceland would choose to knit on the doorstep in wintertime is thoroughly beyond me.

It is extremely unlucky for actors to knit in a theatre – either onstage on in the wings. Don't actors have enough of superstitions already, without having to come up with ones about knitting?

Piggy's most-despised "holiday"

And, since this year Friday the 13th is followed by Valentine’s Day, we mustn’t forget the many superstitions linking with romance. The most well-known one must be the sweater curse – if an unmarried woman knits her lover a sweater, the relationship is sure to come to a speedy end.

Edited to add: As VTknitboy points out in the comments, this old superstition needs to be updated -- it ain't just hetero women who should be wary of the sweater curse! :-)

But it’s not just sweaters: socks aren’t safe, either, ladies. Your boyfriend is sure to walk away from you in them.

Neither of these is a problem for Piggy, who is hopelessly single and rather loathes Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I'm a perfect candidate for a convent. Well, except for that whole religious belief thing.

Anyhoo, the point is: don't be expecting a sickeningly sweet, lovey-dovey post featuring knitted hearts or the like tomorrow. Besides, I’d have to cast them on today, and it’s apparently bad luck to start a new project on a Friday – any Friday.

Mind you, I did find one last superstition that could bode well: according to an old Norwegian superstition, knitters should look up quickly when accidentally dropping yarn to catch a brief glimpse of her future husband.

Piggy is rather clumsy. Perhaps she should start looking for more good places to knit in public…

How about you? Do you have any superstitions about your own knitting?


  1. no wonder I had that mishap today i have so many ufos its not funny

  2. I'm going to have to start pulling out hairs to include in some of my projects. Just not socks or sweaters.

  3. lol. boyfriend sweater curse works in the gay world too! ; )

  4. Good point, Vtknitboy! I'll do an edit. :-)

  5. lol. honey! you don't have to edit it! just giving another perspective!

  6. If I run out of yarn when I'm doing a long tail cast-on for a new project, the project was not meant to be.

  7. LOL those are some good ones :-)

  8. If you bring your knitting with you "just in case", you will have no free time to knit. If you leave it at home because you are "just running a quick errand" you will get break down and be wool-less for two hours waiting for the tow-truck.
    Or is that just me. Needless to say, I ALWAYS bring my knitting with me now.