Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sometimes new stash isn't new stash...

Piggy's got some new yarn this week! Yep, post-Three Bags Full sale yarn. Yarn I paid for. Yarn that isn't going to be sent off to a fellow fibre-freak in a swap, or given away (not as yarn, anyway...possibly as a finished object, if I ever manage to figure out what to make with it, then cast on, knit, and actually finish the project...big ifs, all three).

But here's the exciting thing: I haven't cheated on Piggy's Yarn Diet 2.0 (see yesterday's post). Because this yarn was ordered and paid for back in 2008. Mwahahahahahaha! 

First up: 10 skeins of Lana Gatto Wool Gatto in Mexican Cocoa:

I ordered this from Elann ages ago -- on December 12, to be exact, the day after the big sale. I had really wanted this colourway (but no, I didn't have a particular pattern in mind...consider the suggestion box open, and share your ideas! -- it's a DK superwash wool, 22 stitches to 10 cm/4 inches, 166 m/181 yds per skein) but didn't get to it on time.

Fortunately for me, my fellow blogger and Elann sale shopper the_witty_knitter had a case of buyer's remorse; she cancelled her order of these same 10 skeins, and I was the lucky piggy to scoop them up! 

These were actually shipped on December 23 -- right after my PayPal e-cheque cleared -- but the crazy weather held up delivery until Monday.

And inside my post box yesterday evening was a card announcing the arrival of another Elann sale order, placed on December 29:

Yum! Twelve skeins of Lana Gatto New Alpaca, in Midnight Blue.  Again, suggestions of what to do with these babies are encouraged. It's a wonderfully soft 50-50 Alpaca-Merino blend, with a gauge of  25 stitches to 10 cm/4 in, and 162 m/177 yds per skein.

Staying away from Elann's great sales until after Labour Day is going to be tricky, methinks...


  1. I am so glad that you got my gorgeous yarn! Or maybe I saved it for you ;)

  2. Suggestions???? Share them with Me?

    Those are some yummy yarns and the colors are great. Hope you make something wonderful for yourself with them!

  3. Oh! You can't hear it but I'm making little animal noises over that midnight alpaca. Very pretty stuff. Does it feel nice? Wanna call me and tell me how nice it feels? Hmmm, wait, that turned into some very strange phone sex. I'll go now!