Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proud Piggy's Paca-Peds

Pride is a sin, of course -- among the seven deadly ones, if I'm not mistaken -- but I don't care about that. Take a look at what I picked up at the post office yesterday:

A beautiful skein of wonderfully soft sock yarn: Paca-Peds from The Alpaca Yarn Company. Plus two surprises: a nice card, and some lovely co-ordinating stitch markers. Let's have a closer look at the yarn, shall we?

Note the unusual prominence of the label in this picture? That's because I named this yarn. Little ol' (ok, big ol') Piggy!  I was one of 10 lucky yarnies whose suggestions were chosen for the 10 new colourways in the company's recent "Name That Yarn!" contest.

Besides the priceless glory and bragging rights, each winner receives a free skein of "their" yarn. (So no breaking of the yarn diet -- yippee!) Check out all the colourways here.

Thanks so much to the friendly folks at The Alpaca Yarn Company -- Beth, Tasha and Angela -- for the fun contest, and the lovely prize. 

Now here's the big question: Do you think I should use this skein of "Spring in My Step" for my first pair of socks? Or should I save it until I'm comfortable with sock knitting?


  1. Go ahead and use it! I knit my first socks with handspun! Besides, you aren't using glue - you can always unravel if you mess up! LOL!

  2. I also say go for it. You are obviously an experienced knitter and can read a pattern. Besides, I don't think you'd be able to resist using it.

  3. Wow, I wonder if it took so long because you live in Canada? I got mine at the beggining of this month. I named the Frog and Piggy one and am so excited to get to knitting them! I'm going to use the Leyburn pattern (check Ravelry) because I think it'll really bring out the colors.
    Oh, it would be so cool if all of the 10 winners got together and did a KAL! Wouldn't that be neat?

  4. That is awesome!!

    And the yarn is so pretty - I was drooling when I saw the pic!