Friday, January 9, 2009

It's like Chrismas Eve all over again...

...well, almost. And I mean the Christmas Eves back in the day, when Piggy was a wee (ok, maybe not so wee) piglet who couldn't wait for Santa to come and spoil her rotten. And then, as the years passed, when Santa Claus was not longer expected, to see what her parents' selected for her. Back before Piggy's mother, who is a more practical sort than her offspring, decided there was no reason to keep such things secret.

And then, after the presents: a cornucopia of yumminess, from the chocolate oranges from the toes of our stockings to the cookies and butter tarts baked in the days leading up to the big day, to the roast beast (eek!) at dinnertime.

Tomorrow may not be Christmas Day, yet you could cut the anticipation with a knife chez Piggy right now. For like the arrival of Christmas, tomorrow morning is sure to promise treasures, surprises and fun galore. And even a feast.

For tomorrow morning at 11, the doors of my favourite LYS will open for its "Belated Boxing Day Sale". 

This is big, my friends. You might recall the last big sale at Three Bags Full, over the Labour Day weekend. Piggy went a little nuts.

Expect nothing less tomorrow. I'll be with the same crowd of yarny pals -- plus some new ones! -- and we're a pretty enabling bunch. 

Watch this space for pictures of the carnage.


  1. There better be pictures of the fibery goodness that you will be plucking from the shelves!


    I'm so jealous. I've been on a yarn diet for over a month now and it's killing me! Especially since there's all this yummy stuff out there that I really want!

  2. Is that why I'm up at 5:30 this morning?

  3. Your favourite LYS has become mine for today, even though I live in Ontario. My daughter works two blocks away from there and I have sent her on a mission with a list of yarns to buy for me. The unfortunate part is waiting for her to ship it to me. Thank you for the news about the sale.

  4. Oh, sounds like so much fun! I hope you found lots of fabulousness!