Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go...

I'm just going to come right out and say it: Piggy is suited to a life of leisure. It's not something to be particularly proud of, I know, but being unemployed was pretty nice. Except for the next-to-no-money part, of course.

Today will be my fourth on the new job, a temporary gig (3-4 months) completely unrelated to my background in writing and publishing. It requires little skill and less imagination, and wouldn't inspire passion in anyone. Seriously -- no one. I won't go into more detail, as then my employers might have to kill me. 

Yes, I'm working for the federal government.

And yes, that was a cheap shot. The job is boring, but it has plenty of positives, too:
  • It's a total 9-5 job, so when I leave for the day, I leave it all behind -- zero stress.
  • In the unlikely event I need to put in extra hours, I'll get paid overtime -- that doesn't happen in publishing.
  • It's just possible it might lead to other jobs with the feds...maybe. (Don't worry, Piggy's not holding her breath. She's not the optimistic sort.)
  • The pay, while nothing spectacular, is pretty good for the effort involved. As the wise sage Melly would say, the bullshit-to-dollar ratio is on the right side of the line.
In other news...

Yesterday was a banner day; I picked up three -- count 'em, three -- packages at the post office after work. 

Package #1: An Elann order that was shipped way back on December 23, but didn't arrive until today, thanks to our recent weather issues.

Here are the 10 skeins of Lana Gatto Wool Gatto I picked up in the big sale last month:

I don't have anything planned for these yet (surprise, surprise, surprise), but I'm sure I'll come up with something. 

And there's two more Elann packages coming soon, too (maybe one later today)! Bad, bad, Piggy!

Package #2: Two books I treated myself to after Christmas...

These should help me keep two of my resolutions for 2009. I'm actually already working on a crochet project at the moment...more on that later.

And, last but certainly not least...

Package #3: The package from my partner in the Blue Sky Alpacas Swap on Ravelry. I've been totally spoiled by seepattiknit! First off, since it's too good to save to the end, the yarn:

That's four gorgeously soft skeins of Melange...two each in Cornflower and Cinnamon. Yummy!

And then, all the extras:

Two great cowl patterns -- KrisKnit's Thermis and pepperknit's Tapestry Cowl -- perfect for my new favourite thing to knit...

And a whole bunch of other great stuff...three little packages of Soak wool wash, an adorable mini-sweater key chain from Lantern Moon, a row counter, some beautiful buttons, a purple tape measure, a package of my favourite stitch markers, some jumbo tapestry needles and a fun set of notepads. Thanks so much, Patti!


  1. What a lovely postal bounty you got. Glad the new job is tolerable.

  2. That was a little piggy of you, fabulous parcels, no wonder you need a government job loved the blue and camel wools, that will be so beautiful. Well if you have to work for the government I guess these are good rewards at the end of your no stress day! can't wait to see the goodies you make.

  3. Wonderful little bundle of packages. Glad your new job is tolerable.

    I wish I were able to work.