Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FO: Luna's Nargle-Checking Cowl


Allow me to explain. Sometimes, Piggy knits. And very occasionally, she completes a project, which results in a F(inished) O(bject)...oh, you meant the Nargle part?

Yes. Well. It's a new term for the HPKCHC (seriously, if you aren't on Ravelry yet, you deserve what you get; and if you're a muggle, well...this won't interest you either way), and this is my Arithmancy homework, you see. For a brief primer on the subject, go here. But come back!

The assignment: to create a project using your character, heart and social numbers. Luna's Nargle-Checking Cowl happens to be represented by the same numbers as Piggy (well, by the name on Piggy's birth certificate, actually): 3, 3, 9.  

Yes, Piggy tends to lean towards the obsessive about these kinds of things, and entered a ridiculous number of Ravenclaw-friendly possible pattern names that fit those numbers. Anyhoo. Here it is:

yarnpiggy's first "design"!

I chose the gorgeous Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk in Peapod, which, by an amazing coincidence (snort!) has a numeric profile of 3, 3, 9. It was held double throughout, because my recipe dictated some specific numbers.

Here's how it went down:

Using a 16" US 9 circular needle, I cast on 90 stitches (3+3+9 = 15; 1+5 = 6; 6x15 = 90). 

Then came 3 rounds of garter stitch.

Next, 3 repeats of Garter and Rib Check (in another amazing coincidence -- double snort! -- also 3, 3, 9), which consists of a 12- (1+2=3) round repeat, for 36 (3+6=9) rounds, so this part of the pattern = 3, 3, 9.

Then I finished it up with another 3 rounds of garter stitch.

Each of the 3 sections of the pattern is represented by the number 3. :-)

It took me two unhurried evenings to knit this, after four failed attempts. No, I didn't make any errors -- nobody could screw up this pattern -- but my Denise Interchangeable needle came apart four times. Piggy is not amused. 

Swivelling Needles! Thank you, Crystal Palace.

Once I switched to a Crystal Palace needle (after a quick visit to an LYS), it was smooth sailing. The CP needle was wonderful to work with -- the points swivelled, which was a revelation to Piggy (it doesn't take much).

I blocked it very lightly, but I probably shouldn't have; I like my cowls on the snuggish side, and it's now a little loose. For non-Arithmantic purposes, I'd likely make a few adjustments: one more repeat of the pattern and drop the needle size down a notch or two.

But overall, I'm pleased. :-)


  1. OOoooOOOooo!!!! It looks skwooshy and warm, and it's a lovely first design!

    The stuff about the numbers is kinda, uhm, confusing though. At least it is to me, which is most likely why I won't be signing up for Arithmancy during spring term...:D

    Good job Piggy!

  2. That is a lovely cowl, I agree. I don't entirely understand the swiveling needles thing...but I suppose that is what my sharp Google-fu is for, eh?