Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 starts today

I can see your raised eyebrows, and puzzled expressions. "Huh?"

Well, according to a "study" commissioned by a U.K. probiotics company, January 14 is the best day for one to make New Year's resolutions. Said company paid through the nose for the endorsement of consulted with a gastroenterologist and a psychologist, who claim a couple of weeks are required before people will have the intestinal fortitude (pun fully intended) to put the over-indulgences that invariably accompany the holiday season behind them and to persevere in their resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. Aided by the purchase of vats of probiotics, of course.

Piggy has decided to take inspiration from this research and take a Mulligan on her resolutions, despite the fact that 14 of the original 15 commitments are most certainly unrelated to the cultures (or lack thereof) residing in her intestinal tract.

Good thing, too, since I've already broken two of them: yarn diet (d'uh!) and knitting every day.

So, onto the new and improved list, made on January 14. You'll note it is slimmer ('cause something should be, and it probably won't be Piggy), and incorporates more specific goals than the original collection.

Piggy's new New Year's Resolutions

1. I will learn to spin before the end of 2009.

2. I will knit or crochet or spin every day -- even if for just five minutes -- unless circumstances make that impossible (e.g. ridiculous airline/airport hand-baggage rules).

3. I will not purchase (trades that do not involve money do not count; yarn swap/de-stash, Wranglers?) any yarn for myself (swaps & gifts for other knitters/crocheters don't count) until the big 2009 Labour Day sale at Three Bags Full, unless it is required to finish a project that is at least 50% complete.

4. I will knit at least one pair of adult-sized socks before the end of 2009.

5. Ditto for an adult-sized sweater.

6. Ditto for a project involving colourwork -- any type of colourwork, any type of object.

7. I will not be knitting something to give as a present for Christmas 2009 any later than December 21, 2009. I reserve the right not to knit anything for Christmas presents.

8. I will complete all the items listed under "Hibernating" in the right-hand column over there on the right by the end of 2009.

Wish me luck!


  1. LUCK!

    I may have to join in on this fab idea...

  2. Ya know...this makes sense actually - which surprises me. :D

    I may have to join in on this and revamp my rezzies! :D

  3. This seems a very smart way to do resolutions. I like it.