Friday, December 19, 2008

Piggy's in the Christmas spirit...

...and it's about time!

A few things have helped bring about this transformation from big-time grumpus to merry piggy:

1. We Vancouverites have been blessed with some unusually Christmasy weather:

Pardon the quality of this shot; it was taken from behind a window, as at the time, I was not dressed for the extreme temperatures outside. And by extreme, I mean all of -10 or so. Celsius. That's considered extreme here. Well, almost. 

Hopefully, the snow will stick around for Christmas. The long-range forecast suggests light snow for Sunday and Tuesday, and below-zero temperatures until Christmas Eve, but then rain and above-zero temps starting on Christmas Eve. I have my fingers crossed for a White Christmas. 

2. I decided to put the "Bad Luck Cowl" (please note: there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Good Luck Cowl pattern; it is purely a Piggy problem that has now reached epic proportions) into serious hibernation, and cast on a new project.

That's the Birthday Cowl by Nova Seals. I'm using delicious Malabrigo Worsted, in the Stonechat colourway, which I love. It will be under the tree for my Mum to unwrap on Christmas morning. It's going swimmingly (I've actually got more than this done, and I haven't spent much time on it at all). 

I might pick up another skein of the Mmmmmal today and do another for my cousin/godmother, who will be in Gibsons for Christmas with us. The coffee cowl was intended for her, but I think I'll follow the "let sleeping dogs lie" rule with that project until the holidays are over.

3. To really bring the holiday spirit to the fore, last night I went for a nice stroll with MrsQ to see the lights on Trinity Street. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many usable shots (Piggy really needs a digital SLR and a tripod), but here are what my wee camera captured of three of the notable houses, to give you an idea:

I am not a Marilyn fan, and I'm not sure what she has to do with Christmas, but points for originality. This photo is terrible, and really doesn't give you a great idea...the image was back-lit, and much more colourful than it appears here.

Next, was the type of house I was really looking for: over-the-top lights.

At one point, the Santa on the front step started singing and dancing in a rather drunken manner. And his eyes blinked red: MrsQ figured we'd found the 12th (10th? I can't remember, and I'm not a BSG fan) Cylon (sp?). But when I marched up to him to get a better look, I saw that it was just the reflection of red lights in his very non-Cylon eyes. Oh well. Guess MrsQ will just need to wait for the new episodes...

In the foreground is a sled, on which I rested the camera. On either side of it were "Reserved Parking for Santa" signs. Very cute.

And then, my favourite. You've got to love the owners of this house.

How cool is that? A false front built from painted plywood and styrofoam!

After our walk we headed to the Laughing Bean for a truly comforting dinner: Tuscan bean soup, a grilled Cabrese sandwich and hot apple cider. The cider is what really put me in the spirit.

4. And to top it all off: this morning, I made arrangements to start my new job...and I don't have to go in until January 5th! Yippee! Now it's all Christmas, all the time for Piggy.


  1. Those houses truly rock! Especially the gingerbread one (although I really, really like the sparkle of way too many lights)! What a fun holiday thing to do!

  2. Love the colour of yarn you are using for the cowl. That gingerbread house is really neat, the owner gets and A+ for both originality and effort.

  3. light nice, but even better...congrats on the new job and civilized starting date.

  4. Very cool gingerbread house! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas girl! We'll have to exchange work emails. :)