Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Piggy's Christmas Vacation

It snowed...

...and snowed...

...and snowed...

It was beautiful. Some of us couldn't get enough...

While some of us (i.e. the humans who have to get things done) got a bit tired of it in the end...

Mind you, one of the neighbours found something creative to do with all the shovelled snow...

In addition to digging out the Green Bomber, I managed to get a few inside jobs done before Christmas morning. I churned out a large batch of butter tarts, and finished knitting a cowl, and then another one.

Then came Christmas Day. Under the tree (a vintage "faux" one that is older than Piggy, which is saying something) were several lovely things, including some knitty-friendly ones:

No Boxing Day shopping for Piggy...at least on Boxing Day. We were snowed in. Which was fine, because I don't really like to brave the crowds. Even Gibsons-sized crowds. We did make it out on the 28th, however, and I was treated to another great gift...

Yes, I am the last person on Earth to get an iPod.

Yesterday, we had some visitors arrive in the backyard:

A third doe spent most of the more than 30-minute visit munching on trees out of clear sight. These two wandered around a bit more, chewing on anything green, occasionally pausing to relieve an itch:

Piggy found this amusing. Brie, however, did not:

Eventually, the does moved on. :-)

And what better way to wrap up a post on Piggy's Christmas holiday in Gibsons than with a picture of the Persephone, all decked out for the holidays?

Hope you've all been enjoying a very happy holiday season!


  1. Pretty snow pics!
    I'm now humming the Beachcombers theme, loved that show.

  2. You are a very lucky knitter. None of my knitty gifts were under the tree this year (and I made sure to load my list with 90% knitty items).

    Though, you are not the last person to get an iPod. I still do not own one.... yet.....

  3. A swift, a swift, a swift, huzzah, a swift! How fabulous. I love the shot of the snow-nosed pup too. :) Happy New Year girl!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous holiday - that's a pretty pink ipod! Mine finally died after 4 years (sob!) and since I had some credit from amazon, I treated myself to an itouch. It just came yesterday and I think I'm in love!

    I didn't get any knitty gifts either - you are so lucky!

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.

    Mine was surprisingly good after all the crap!

    No knitty gifts, but I did receive a stand up mixer and a puppy! :)