Saturday, December 6, 2008

Piggy Rule #9: Don't make promises you can't keep

I think I'll start sharing a few of my rules for living with you, my little piggies. And #9 is as good a place as any to start. It might not be at the very beginning, but it fits best with what is to follow in the next paragraph.

Last night I promised you actual knitting content in today's post. It seems only fair and reasonable, after all, for me to include some knitting every once in a while, as this is meant to be a knitting blog.

Well, as countless authority figures have told me -- and, no doubt, you -- over the years, life ain't fair. And Piggy isn't reasonable. Just ask her shrink.

I did actually do some knitting today -- two pattern repeats of the Good Luck Cowl, in fact. Unfortunately, the camera's batteries have died, and I am unable to provide photographic evidence to support that claim. At least until tomorrow.

The batteries died after I spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to take a satisfactory shot of one of the purchases I made at a Christmas craft fair earlier in the day:

Those would be marzipan piggies. And they are mine, all mine. Marzipan is one of my favourite treats, especially at Christmastime. It's one of those things that you either love or you hate, and I'm all about the marzipan love. What about you?

The sharp-eyed among you might notice another of my purchases: a tin of Liver Barkin' Bites for my sister's yellow Lab, Brie, who is staying with my mother until she clears quarantine in January (long story short: Canadian dogs can clear U.K. quarantine in Canada, but my sister and her family needed to move before Brie was ready).'s late, and I need to get to bed. Which for the last few days hasn't been a bed at all, but this:

Yes, Piggy is officially an old fart who sleeps in a recliner. But it's not just any recliner; oh no. This baby is fully loaded with heat and massage (once I connected all the wires -- seems like Melly and her husband don't actually use this thing, but rather store it in their bedroom -- crazy people).

The old hip/thigh is particularly painful at night, which makes sleep tricky. This thing is making a half-decent night's rest possible. 

Ok, I've got to hit "publish" or this thing won't meet the NaBloPoMo requirements. See you tomorrow!


  1. I hope you find out what is wrong with your hip - that sounds miserable. But, the recliner sounds quite lovely.

  2. love the little marzipan piggies.