Monday, December 8, 2008

Piggy Prorogues Cowl

I figure if the Prime Minister can get away with having Parliament suspended for seven weeks to prevent his butt getting kicked to the opposition benches, Piggy can postpone further insanity-inducing frogging for a day.  

The mojo is seriously missing, yet again.

So tonight, instead of working on Christmas knitting, I'm going to work on my Christmas cards.

Most of these (and the stamps) I bought a year ago, but didn't send as I really wasn't in the Christmas spirit after my father's death in November. But life goes on, so tonight I'll get them written and tomorrow they'll be in the post.

And then I'll get back to the cowl.


  1. We bought our cards but that's about as far as things have gone.

  2. I bought mine today. It'll be another few days till I get 'em in the mail. Your stamps are nicer than mine.

  3. I'm not bothering to send out Christmas cards this year...mostly because I'll buy them, fill them out, put stamps on them and have them all ready to mail out and then suddenly I'll misplace them and won't find them again until the year after. Me and Christmas Cards just don't mesh I guess. ;) Hope you have better luck with yours!

  4. Excellent decision. Life is too short for unhappy knitting. If it doesn't learn a lesson from this time out then it's obviously incorrigible!