Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

...but to Piggy it's delightful (in spite of the havoc to the water pipes of older houses unusually cold temperatures can bring -- but that's another story).

I arrived in Gibsons yesterday afternoon, when the view from my mother's balcony looked like this:

This was taken after Wednesday's snowfall. There's quite a bit more now; I'll take a new shot of the same view tomorrow morning for comparison.

After getting a bunch of shopping done in the car -- all the heavy stuff, including the crucial trip to the liquor store -- we drove up to Sechelt for our friends' Christmas party. We stayed until the snow started to fall again (about 10 p.m.), and drove back in a bit of a blizzard. The snow hasn't stopped since, and continues to fall in thick, fluffy flakes as I type.

No driving today; the Green Bomber is up to the windows in snow. But we did take my sister's dog Brie for a romp in the white stuff:

Sorry for the graininess -- she was moving pretty quickly, and the flash didn't want to work for some reason, so I needed to set the ISO at 800 to prevent blurring. Brie did manage to sit still for a few seconds, though...

Isn't she sweet? We're going to miss her when she flies to England in January.

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