Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally something to boast about...

...and no, it's not that I've finished the cowl. I've extended my knitting hiatus to two days. I'm not sure why such a simple pattern is kicking my butt in such a thorough fashion, but I'm about to admit defeat.

It's also not that I've written, sealed, stamped and posted my Christmas cards, either. I haven't.

So what has Piggy got to be proud of today?

I've named one of the new colourways of Paca-Peds sock yarn from The Alpaca Yarn Company.

Yes, indeedy, I've named a yarn!

The new colourway, one of 10 that will be available in January (you can pre-order them  now, though), can be seen here. Right now it's called #620, but soon it will be "Spring in my Step".

My prize – in addition to the glory, of course – is a skein of the yarn. Yippeeee!

Want a chance to name a colourway? Visit the Paca-Blog and check out the "Name That Yarn" contest. Numbers 3 and 4 are currently on deck, and numbers 5 and 6 will be posted sometime on Thursday. Just leave your suggestions (up to three for each yarn) in the comments.

Greedy Piggy that I am, I've already got my entries in for #3 and #4 (yep, that's right, you can win more than once!), and they are green and purple, respectively. Piggy's favourite colours, don't you know.

Hee hee hee!


  1. Congrats...now I guess I'll really have to get that batt in the mail to you!