Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, they did

It's happy days chez Piggy. 

Last night, the majority of U.S. voters chose Barack Obama to be their new president, and my friend Mel became a knitter. I'm pretty chuffed about both.

At 7:55 last night, I got in my car for the short drive to Mel's house. When I left, it was fairly clear that Obama was going to win, but the election hadn't been called. When I walked into Mel's place, about six minutes was all over. 

As we waited for the speeches, I showed Mel how to cast on and how to purl. She already knew the knit stitch, and earlier in the day --after she treated me to a really yummy lunch -- we bought her a set of bamboo circulars and some yarn (some Cotton-Ease to start, plus two skeins of Mmmmalabrigo Worsted for future projects).

Check out what Melly got done amid all the excitement of the night:

Let's get another shot of the beginning of Mel's first scarf, shall we?

Good job, Melly!  

As for Piggy...I finished those last seven inches of the needle roll.

Now, just one step before this hits the washer for some felting:

All those ruddy ends to weave in. Ugh.


  1. A new knitter born on such a historic day. Truly appropriate.

    She's pretty talented there too. My first scarf didn't look that good.

  2. I managed half of a sock while waiting for the results. Lovely night all in all. And your friend will never forget when she learned to knit.

  3. I can't wait to knit more :)The Obama scarf will be legendary!

  4. That's a great start - looks good!

    And that's a lot of weaving in....

  5. That weaving doesn't look too fun...but congratulations on bringing a non-knitter over to the other side! :)

    And tell her I'm jealous of her first scarf since my first scarf was just crappy garter stitch, made out of horrible Lion Brand Homespun, and about four feet long.