Monday, November 3, 2008

On a roll...

It's been a pretty quiet day chez Piggy. I slept in rather late, had a nice cup of coffee, and went to work on the needle roll I started at the Wranglers meet-up yesterday.

I've managed to get a fair bit done.

That, my friends, is 23 inches of stockinette stitch. (Not all that impressive, really: it's Cascade 220, held double, on 8 mm/US 11 needles. But still. It's progress.) Boring as all get-out. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep. Perfect TV knitting. So why didn't I leave it until this evening, when there is a chance of finding something watchable on the idiot box, and focus on the coffee cowl during the day? I dunno. I didn't even turn the thing on; I listened to the radio instead.

Of course, what I should have been doing was pounding the pavement for a new job. But I digress...

Notice all those straggly bits of yarn poking out here and there? These are going to torture me when I've finished casting off this piece (seven inches from now) and have to weave in all the ends from the colour changes. There are many, many more of them than visible in this photo. 

Note to Piggy: there are projects for which self-striping/variegated yarn really is best. Please try to remember this.

I'm off to Mel's to watch tonight's Corrie. Maybe I'll bring the needle roll...

See you tomorrow!


  1. I know how you feel about stockinette stitch. That's why I can't quite bring myself to knit a side-to-side shrug. Just the idea of knitting all that stockinette and then having to graft all those stitches together is enough to give me the wibblies. :)

    I wish you luck in your endeavors on this, and for what it's worth, it does look exceptionally nice. Self-striping yarn is nice but using non striping yarn is good because you con control the stripes!

  2. Those colours do look nice, though!

  3. I never remember about weaving in the ends when I knit something stripey. Not until it's too late anyway!

    I really like the color combo in this.