Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Melly's Noro Mojo

As promised, a few pictures of Mel's progress on the Noro Striped Scarf.

It's gorgeous, no? I'm kind of tempted to make one myself.

And that will be it for photos today. Piggy took a step backwards again today. And this time, it wasn't the cowl. This afternoon I decided to take a break from the that project to go back to an old W(ork)I(n)P(rogress): Addison's Cardi. (If you're not on Ravelry...you can see the pattern here.)

The cardigan was supposed to be a baby shower gift for his mum Kyla. Obviously (and, let's face it, predictably), that didn't happen. But I didn't worry too much on the day, as baby wasn't due for another month. I figured I'd get it done in time.

Well, unlike Piggy, Addison decided to get things done early. He arrived a week after the shower -- a full month ahead of schedule.

I still didn't worry too much -- the cardigan is designed to fit a six-month-old, so there was really no need to have it finished right away.

Well, I'll give you three guesses how old Addison is now. And the first two don't count.

Yep. Six months old. Last week, in fact.  So I'm dragging out his cardigan. There's not much left to do -- just the sleeves. I figured I could get them done in the next day or so...

Then I saw the massive goof . Seriously, it's big. It's not just Piggy's perfectionism rearing its ugly head. 

So I'm tinking, tinking, tinking...

And hatching a cunning plan to steal back my mojo from Mel.


  1. That's the downside of knitting for babies, they tend to grow, and quickly!
    Mel is doing wonderful, the scarf looks great!

  2. do you need to steal it? Mel seems nice enough that she might return it willingly.

  3. I don't know if I am nice enough to give it back...my night time knitting is saving me from my night time eating, dare I lose a few pounds?

  4. Mel is doing a wonderful job on her scarf. I love the colors she picked.

  5. I joined the Noro scarf bandwagon myself. Bought the yarn yesterday and cast on last night. Sooooooooooo addicting.