Friday, November 7, 2008

Mel picks, Piggy weaves

Ducking under the wire with this one!

Mel paid a visit chez Piggy this evening after dinner for a little stitching and bitching. And a bit of swearing -- on both our parts -- as she continued to work on her first scarf, and I tackled all the weaving-in of a gazillion ends on the needle roll.

Like any new knitter, Mel occasionally experiences some frustration when stitches are dropped, or twisted, or whatever. All perfectly natural, and she's doing much better at exercising her self-control than Piggy did as a rank beginner.

And Piggy didn't decide to take up Continental knitting in the middle of her first project, like Mel did.

You heard it right: Mel is now bilingual; she knits and purls in both English and Continental styles. Piggy needs to catch up; I can knit-pick, so to speak, but I haven't tackled the purl-pick. 

Here's the result of tonight's work:

On the right: Mel's scarf, with several additional inches since last time it made an appearance. And on the left: most of the snippets of yarn left after I wove in all those blasted ends on the needle roll.

I say most, because Melly went a little loopy, and decided to play:

Felting tomorrow...


  1. Go Mel! If you can learn it right when you're starting out, it is so much easier and natural. Bravo.

  2. What a fun time you two look like you're having! And way to go Mel!

    I can actually knit and purl in continental as that's the way I first learned to knit, but I prefer to throw. I find picking makes my tension woggy! :)

  3. I couldn't stop swearing...still can't! But I will go on :)