Friday, November 14, 2008


Pretty soon Mel's going to need her own knitting blog. But not until December -- I need to exploit her until NaBloPoMo is over. 

Anyhoo. Mel, unlike Piggy, has been busy with the sticks and string. 

That row counter is set to "1" in honour of Melly's first FO, which she cast off today: the purple Obama scarf:

It's a beauty, no? It was originally intended as a gift for a wee one, but I think Mel should keep her first project. 

So this afternoon, Mel and I went shopping for her second project, the Noro Striped Scarf (or, as it's known chez Piggy, the Noro Whoro Scarf). 

Our first stop did not have a great supply of Silk Garden in stock. The very helpful LYS worker placed a call was made to the shop's other, larger location, but I figured Mel needed to actually see the skeins in front of her, so we decided to try another LYS. 

Where Mel picked out these:

Two lovely colourways of Silk Garden Lite. That's right, Silk Garden Lite. Mel's already acting like a real knitter by messing around with the pattern and putting her own stamp on the Noro Whoro Scarf. 

Love. it.


  1. Mel did an awesome job on her first project, congratulate her for me!

  2. Very pretty Noro and Mel did a great job on her scarf!

  3. She did a great job on her first scarf.

    My grandfather and I knit scarves together when I was 9.

  4. What an excellent job on that first scarf! :) And also, she has fab taste in colors! I can't wait to see what she does with all that yumminess!